Explore Las Vegas with Sightseeing Pass Promo Code

Las Vegas offers an abundance of attractions and experiences, and with the sightseeing Pass promo code, exploring the city has become more affordable than ever. The Sightseeing Pass allows you to save significantly, offering up to 63% off on top attractions compared to gate prices. This makes it an ideal choice for travelers looking to make the most of their visit without breaking the bank.

Details of the Promo Code

The Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass promo code provides exclusive discounts, including 50% off child passes with the purchase of an adult pass. This offer allows families to enjoy attractions together while saving on admission fees. Purchasing the pass is straightforward, and you have 12 months from the date of purchase to activate it, giving you flexibility in planning your itinerary.

Attractions Covered

Las Vegas boasts a dazzling array of attractions, from iconic landmarks to thrilling shows and entertainment. The Sightseeing Pass includes access to popular spots such as the High Roller Observation Wheel, Madame Tussauds, and various themed tours and experiences. By using the promo code, visitors can explore more while spending less, maximizing their Las Vegas adventure.

Purchasing and Activation

To take advantage of the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass promo code, simply visit the official website or authorized resellers. Upon purchase, you will receive your pass electronically, ready to be activated when you start using it at your first attraction. Remember, one child pass is eligible for a 50% discount per adult pass purchased, catering to families looking to enjoy Las Vegas together.


Exploring Las Vegas with the Sightseeing Pass promo code is a fantastic way to save money while experiencing everything the city has to offer. Whether you're visiting for the first time or rediscovering its wonders, the promo code ensures you can enjoy top attractions at a fraction of the cost. Plan ahead, activate your pass, and embark on a memorable journey through Las Vegas with ease.

FAQs About Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass

How long is the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass valid?

The Sightseeing Pass for Las Vegas is typically valid for a specific number of days from the date of activation, which is usually the first use at an attraction. The exact validity period varies based on the type of pass purchased.

Can I share my Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass with others?

No, the Sightseeing Pass is non-transferable and can only be used by the person whose name appears on the pass.

Are there any blackout dates for attractions with the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass?

Most attractions included in the Sightseeing Pass do not have blackout dates; however, it's essential to check specific attraction details when planning your visit.

What happens if I purchase the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass but don't use it?

The Sightseeing Pass is typically valid for 12 months from the date of purchase before activation. If you don't activate the pass within this period, it may expire, depending on the terms and conditions.

Can I purchase additional attractions with the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass?

Yes, some Sightseeing Pass options allow you to add premium attractions or experiences at a discounted rate beyond the included attractions. Check the pass details for more information.